01 May, 2014

1st OF MAY

Its funny, but several times I've compared myself with birds...
Even the name of this blog was inspired by a bird...the CALANDRIA, a very nice south american bird that comes back year after year...
I am like that bird...there is no storm strong enough to knock me down...and I fill myself with energy when spring comes! 

Any way...today is the first day of May...my favorite month of the year in Ireland. 
The weather is great, the days are longer and my beloved "early mornings" start even earlier because the sun is up with me...or the other way around hahahahaha.
The garden is blooming, the birds are nesting all over the place, the trees are covered with nice dense foliage, cows are back in the fields, the spring lambs are happy jumping playing with each other, the change in the weather make the grass grow like mad (photos)...May is the doorstep to a, hopefully, fantastic summer ahed!! 

Same as nature does, it is time for us to renew ourselves...wake up from a long winter and leave behind the old us.
Go to your inner self, find the person you want to be and make it bloom and shine...
Love your life and yourself...trust in God, he will give you exactly what you deserve!
Happy month of May and I hope you remember me every time you are in contact with nature!!!

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amelche said...

The month of May is very beautiful in Ireland.